How Do I Learn Best?

15 Sep

While I believe that I’m more or less familiar with my learning preferences, I decided to take some learning styles inventories online. To my surprise, I actually scored higher in some learning styles than I expected. Here are the results.


1.)   Free Learning Styles Inventory

I got high scores for Interpersonal (15), Verbal (15), and Aural Learning Style (13).

I knew all along that I’m a verbal learner. I understand unfamiliar concepts better through written text, and I really enjoy reading. I often catch myself reading the back of shampoo bottles, milk cartons, etc. I usually finish other people’s sentences by helping them find the right words to finish what they’re saying, and I can easily find the right words to use whenever I want to express my thoughts or ideas.

I’m kind of surprised that I didn’t score higher in the aural learning style. I tend to remember sounds almost instantly, and I can easily identify the artists of songs I haven’t even heard before. I always catch myself humming a tune that I haven’t recently heard. When I was child, my guardians also enjoyed hearing me sing commercial jingles. I also remember the script of commercials word for word.

I didn’t really know that I’m an interpersonal learner. While I do enjoy working in groups and sharing my ideas with other people, there are also times when I prefer working alone.  But I do communicate well with people (my friends say that I’m a great listener) and I also enjoy spending my free time with close friends.


2.)   Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire

After taking this online test, I found out that I’m fairly well-balanced in the active-reflective and the visual-verbal continuum. On the other hand, I scored 5 in the sequential-global continuum (leaning towards the sequential learning preference) and 7 on the sensing-intuitive continuum (leaning towards the sensing learning preference).

According to the interpretation, a person who scored 5-7 on a scale has moderate preference for one dimension of the scale. I guess this means that I’m more of a sensing and sequential learner, but I can learn in an environment that supports global and intuitive learning with relative ease.


Results for: Marrisse Garchitorena

      ACT                          X                        REF

           11  9   7   5   3   1   1   3   5   7   9   11

          <– –>

      SEN          X                                        INT

           11  9   7   5   3   1   1   3   5   7   9   11

          <– –>

      VIS                              X                    VRB

           11  9   7   5   3   1   1   3   5   7   9   11

          <– –>

      SEQ              X                                    GLO

           11  9   7   5   3   1   1   3   5   7   9   11

          <– –>

The results were close to what I expected, so I guess this test is more or less accurate. The test was also very useful because I can’t really tell whether I’m an active learner or a reflective learner. Sometimes, I prefer doing things first to understand how they work, but there are other times when I understand information better when I think about it quietly first. This explains why I am fairly well-balanced on both dimensions.


VARK Questionnaire

According to the results of the VARK questionnaire, I have a Multimodal (ARK) learning preference. I prefer Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic learning styles. The result of this test is somehow similar to the first test I took (Learning Styles Inventory).

Having a Multimodal preference means that I can effectively use three modes when trying to learn new things or processing information. I guess this is good news because I can easily adjust to different learning environments, so I wouldn’t need to worry about performing poorly just because a teacher’s strategies don’t match my learning preference.


How Can I Learn Effectively?



Now that I’m already certain of my learning preferences, I believe that I would be able to perform better in whatever classes I’m taking in the future. Here are some things that I should start doing to become a better learner:


1.)   Since I’m a verbal and aural learner, I should spend more time taking down notes, reading assigned materials, and using mnemonics to remember facts easily. Adding tunes to mnemonics might also help because I tend to remember songs fairly easily. I guess reading my notes aloud would also help.

2.)   Apparently, interpersonal learning styles work great for me too. From now on, I’ll participate more in group discussions. I’d listen carefully to what my classmates have to say, and then I’ll spend more time sharing my thoughts with them. This is probably the best opportunity to improve my ability to mediate opposing views within my groupmates.

3.)   As a kinesthetic learner, I should study in short breaks instead of doing all my assignments or reading materials all at once. This way, I can satisfy my need to keep moving and I’ll never get bored or fidgety while doing schoolwork.

4.)   As a sensing learner, I should try to familiarize myself with more theories or even come up with frameworks of my own. While thinking of practical examples would make it easier for me to understand certain subjects, I believe that I should also be as good in understanding abstract concepts.

5.)   I also scored high in terms of sequential learning, so I should probably create outlines when dealing with unfamiliar concepts. To improve my skills in global thinking, I’ll try to find ways to connect things I just learned to topics I’m already familiar with. I’d start by relating concepts here in my EDS 103 class to the concepts introduced in my EDUC 101 class. After all, most of the topics discussed in these subjects are closely related.

6.)   After taking the tests, I confirmed that visual learning is not my strongest suit. I want to be comfortable with as many learning styles possible, so I’d try to read more about how to interpret graphs, charts, and other graphical representations. Luckily, many of these how-to guides are available online.



Free learning styles inventory, including graphical results

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire

VARK Questionnaire


One Response to “How Do I Learn Best?”

  1. monetteabalos September 16, 2012 at 11:30 am #

    Nice one classmate!
    Very informative sharing.
    The surveys in this module really helped us in knowing our own learning styles.

    God bless

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